Danh Sách 64 Game Trong Set Ổ Cứng 1TB Gắn Trong Máy PS3


1: 007 Legends

2: 50 Cent - Blood on the Sand

3.God Of War Acension

4.ICO & Shadow of the Colossus

5.LEGO Jurassic World

6.Warriors Orochi 3

7.Ben 10

8.Angry Birds Trilogy.

9.Assassins Creed III

10.Batman Arkham City 

11.Battlefield 4

12.Bioshock 2

13.Borderland 2

14.Call Of Duty Modern Warface 3

15.Clash of the Titans

16.Crysis 2

17.Crysis 3

18.Dark Souls II

19.Dead Or Alive 5

20.Dead Space 2

21.Dead Pool

22.Dragon Ball ragin blast 2

23.Dragonn Ball Z Battle of Z

24.Dynasty Warriors 8

25.F1 2013

26.Fifa 17

27.Fifa 13

28.Final Fantasy XIII

29.Final Fantasy XIII-2

30.God Of War III

31.God Of War Orgins Collection

32.GTA 5

33.GTA 4

34.Guilty Gear Xrd

35.Heavy Rain

36.Infamous 2


38.King Of Fighter XII

39.Little Big Planet 3

40.Mafia II

41.Max Payne 3

42.Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

43.Mortal Kombat VS DC 

44.Moto GP 9/10

45.Naruto Shipuden Ulitimate Ninja Storm

46.NBA 2k17

47.Need For Speed Most Wanted 

48.Ninja Gaiden 3

49.OnePice Priate Wariors 3

50.PES 17

51.PES 13

52.Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack In Time

53.Red Dead Redemption GOTY


55.Sleeping Dogs



58.The Lort Of The Rings

59.Tomb raider

60.The last of US

61.Uncharted 1

62.Uncharted 2

63.Uncharted 3

64.WWE 2K17

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